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Monday, June 22, 2009

2 Addicted


Im an addict...
Addicted 2 the way that u talk 2 me,
addicted 2 the continuous thoughts of u that help me 2 c...
A tranquil place 4 us thats meant 2 b.
Addicted 2 your aroma, a scent so intrigueing...
With a stinch so pleasant, it has me believing..
That u are the 1 for me, and me the 1 for u...
So with this addiction i ask.. Whats a man 2 do?
Im addicted 2 the way u look, when u look at me,
especially when were making love, and ur on top of me..
Addicted 2 your touch, and how u leave me wanting more..
Addicted to your walk, when u walk out tha door...
U make me want 2 take u, and throw u 2 the floor,
and make sweet love 2 u..till u beg and say no more...
This addiction that i have i know no rehabilitation..
so please dnt leave me with this addictive situation...
Feed me my drug..
I need u.


The best way to handle an addiction is to wean you off
But I can't; I'm just as much an addict, as u are 2 my love
Wit a quick hit that keeps you sustained for many a day
As u claim I am your drug; then you r the needle in my vein

Orgasmic euphoria's so calming, a sense of peace, yet Gimme chills
Ohhh baby; if this addiction is so harmful, then killin me softly u will
Ahhh you got me pacin in a cage; I feel like a lioness so restless
Umm I'll be like a sacrificial lamb sleepin on hungry lions' chest

You throw me where you want, and umma always want more
Insatiable as I taste you; feed me, cuz I'm so hungry 4 ur love
Rehab is for quitters; I want no diploma for that success
And since I'm on top; oh yes, I wanna be your bench press

Lastly; it’s not the drug itself, but the sweet addictive behavior
And I'm needing you just as much... so I know I can’t save you
As I digress and confess; dammn; gotta have it at all costs
7 stages in addiction and wit you & I've reached them all....

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