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Friday, July 10, 2009




Come 2 me beloved.. Let me throw u 2 the floor, pull ur pants down, rip ur panties.. Allow me 2 c what i adore.. Guide my tongue 2 the destination of your sensation wich is your love hole deep within its core.. Let me lick u and stick u till u beg me and say no more. I'll start by kissing u on ur lips, then travel 2 tha back of ur ears.. Whisper softly "relax" hand over all your fears.. Suck ur neck then ur nipples down 2 ur belly button.. Then spread ur legs and feast like a beast, on ur pussy yes ima b a glutton! Then slide my dick in hear you whimper as u grin from the pleasure i bring 2 u.. Turn u over in the style of rover (doggy) and tear that ass up till tha sun shines thru... Damn what i would give 2 right now just be able 2 make love 2 u.....


Seeing is believing, but make no mistake
when you can't see: you gotta feel baby
I'll be the utensils and you be the steak
get your fill, get your thrills,
but don't leave unsatisfied
cause when its my turn,
I'm going in for the kill
best believe, I'm gonna get mine
beast mode for you oh yeah really?
exotic and erotic I feed on you like a lifeline
from your lips to pecks till I taste your wine
now watch me transform into Optimus prime
pumping the brakes, you can't stop me
travel thru you like morphine in your veins papi
mesmerized you watch me, eyes rolling back
oh nah Gem whatcha mean you need a nap?
I got things to get yet for you there's no rest
gimme 5 more minnits sweety
Umma make your teeth sweat!

Unpublished work © 2009 NLWJ /

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