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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Will You Walk With Me


The overwhelming thought of ur physical composition
brings forth tha manifestation of a mental inquisition...
so i sit back in my chair, and as i close my eyes..
falling deep into tha essence of ur existance..
and how tha thought of losing it could b the cause of my demise...
then a thougt came about and 2 my suprise
a spirit approachd me, and it was wise
it said "if u want everlasting love with no complications..
give this woman what she needs without any hesitations"
so i sat up in my chair, and thought of what 2 do,
then came up with an idea of how 2 please u...
I am willing 2 love u no matter what tha cost!
Cause i knw if i were blind, with u leading me i wld never b lost,
if i were hungry u would feed me, i were sick u would nurse me...
So i ask sumthng of u, and this is not a request,
would u walk with me beloved cause with u i could b at my best!
Will u walk with me at a pace set of a standard senior citizen,
promise to take your time, and have patience because of that prize
called love of yours... "im trying to win"
if i have to repeat over, and over, and over again
that she loves me, she wants me, she needs me, she will support me, she "is me"
will it come true, well i believe so because most of all i believe in you....
will you walk with me, who will walk with me, can you walk with me....
wait,,,, can you teach me how to walk because for so long i have crawled,
i know i am of many imperfections... yes i am flawed,
help me learn to keep my balance, and accept tru love,
help me look not to man, yet rely on the lord above...
help me to respect your boundries wichever ones you may set,
allow me to love you to the fullest, and not a moment you spend with me regert.
given the opportunity to love again seems like such a far fetched vision,
i ask by asking you to walk with me, am i making the right decision???
will you walk with me


Will I teach you to walk? Yes I will
I’ll teach u 2 see, 2 talk and 2 feel
I’ll take u thru stages that only promotes growth
I solemnly swear to you as this is my oath
The spirit was right in stating such
When it came to me this is what we discussed

It said if you want him you must learn to let go
And if you keep him then you must stroke his ego
Leave something left out; don’t reveal every part
At least not all at once or the intrigue will fall apart
Respect him and never undermine your man
Teach him things about u so he can understand

United just Say No 2 drama, tempers and deception
Stay away from evil ulterior motives and temptations
Get along with the family or it can not be… it is what it is
So called Friends can be snakes so listen for the lisps
Create boundaries and deal breakers define what u need
Always Mean what you say and say what you mean

Flawed he is yet aren’t we all? do not hold it against him
Let ur love remain the envy of all but stay desirable for him
The opportunity 2 love again is a wonderful blessing
Treat it with kid gloves and appreciate the little things
Walk till u can sprint, hop till u skip laugh till u cry
Express, enjoy, communicate often and 2 me never lie

A wise spirit told u right it’s the key 2 a woman’s essence
All the acts of being in love with none of the consequences
A rubics cube yet you’ll be blessed with the secret directions
Only ur mind and hands can unlock and solve at ur discretion
Talk 2 me and see where my heads’ at and observe my direction
If you ask the right questions you’ll be ahead of the competition

The best way to learn how to walk from a crawl
Is to follow my lead, trust me and study my laws
Strong never needing you to complete me
But I appreciate the balance you bring me

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Friday, July 10, 2009




Come 2 me beloved.. Let me throw u 2 the floor, pull ur pants down, rip ur panties.. Allow me 2 c what i adore.. Guide my tongue 2 the destination of your sensation wich is your love hole deep within its core.. Let me lick u and stick u till u beg me and say no more. I'll start by kissing u on ur lips, then travel 2 tha back of ur ears.. Whisper softly "relax" hand over all your fears.. Suck ur neck then ur nipples down 2 ur belly button.. Then spread ur legs and feast like a beast, on ur pussy yes ima b a glutton! Then slide my dick in hear you whimper as u grin from the pleasure i bring 2 u.. Turn u over in the style of rover (doggy) and tear that ass up till tha sun shines thru... Damn what i would give 2 right now just be able 2 make love 2 u.....


Seeing is believing, but make no mistake
when you can't see: you gotta feel baby
I'll be the utensils and you be the steak
get your fill, get your thrills,
but don't leave unsatisfied
cause when its my turn,
I'm going in for the kill
best believe, I'm gonna get mine
beast mode for you oh yeah really?
exotic and erotic I feed on you like a lifeline
from your lips to pecks till I taste your wine
now watch me transform into Optimus prime
pumping the brakes, you can't stop me
travel thru you like morphine in your veins papi
mesmerized you watch me, eyes rolling back
oh nah Gem whatcha mean you need a nap?
I got things to get yet for you there's no rest
gimme 5 more minnits sweety
Umma make your teeth sweat!

Unpublished work © 2009 NLWJ /