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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Make Love 2 my Soul


Yes...make love 2 my soul, and have sex with my spirit...
make my essence scream in extacy so that the dead will hear it,
molest my inner being that manifests all that is true,
and hold me close all night as i ly up undr u...
Lay with me, make love 2 me, do u knw how 2 make love 2"Me"?
Do u? Captivate me mentally, emotionally dazzle me with your energy,
lets work 2 gether as a team cuz u knw the devils our enemy!
Put our trust in whats right, and our faith in the lord...
humble yourself beloved, cuz the tongue can be a double edge sword!
Just make love 2 me beloved, yes thats what i want u 2 do,
lets experience an orgasm 2 gether,
from the words we express 2 one another,
and lets always remain tru!
Will u make love 2 me?(make love 2 my mind)


Starting is never the issue 
its how and when does it end 
and what time
A thousand kinky scenarios 
that I keep tucked in the back of my mind
Making love to your soul 
seeing past your shell sweetly 
with a rapture that’s undefined
Scream oh you will sweetheart 
as I sit on your face and grind
As I do exactly what you requested 
and make love to your mind

Wake up the dead 
disturb the neighbors 
here baby sign this waiver
Cause I don’t want 
any miscommunication 
as I begin to slay you
My tongue will glide over your body 
with a precision so erotic
Spell things so nasty 
you’ll think its doing the cha cha

Direct you with my hands 
when I like what you do so much
And pleasurable moans that follow 
where I love how you touch
Apply just the right amount of pressure 
as I suck and pull without a mark

You worked hard today 
so you rest allow me to get on top
Up and down like the stock exchange 
until you yell stop
Going down on you till you think 
my name is Dow Jones
On a mission favorite position 
doggy style; hide the bone

Making love to your mind 
can be best achieved thru role playing
Even tho we’re not let’s just pretend 
that tonight we’re soul mates
Let’s act like we’re in love 
for just this one passionate night
Release, let go, trust… 
I'm the captain 
buckle up for this erotic flight

Lets not worry about 
what we may not like, don’t hold back
Ummmm as I grab your shoulders 
and oh yessss your back
Remain open minded and lets see 
what happens as we continue learning
No holds bar everything is a YES 
lets just master this mental journey

Just this once lets set a timer 
and act like we’ve got very little time
To release this pent up passion 
while we make love to one another’s mind
And when its all said and done 
and you are basking in the force of my love
We wont analyze where that came from 
just acknowledge its been bottled up

It was a necessary release 
that we both needed to get off our chest
Always held back till now 
because no one else made the request
Then love me for exactly 24 hours 
after I leave you with a sweetness
Lie and Say you loved me all your life 
and make me believe you mean it
Smile every time that night comes to mind 
but you must never speak on it

A shared memory passion 
we can only think of it but to tell will take its life
The sweet bliss of the embedded memory 
that started with words and ends with a kiss
And all the fantasies we explored 
in one nights time all we can do is reminisce
Because you’re so right 
the tongue can be a double edged sword
Keep it our little secret 
ear to we grin for no reason is the reward…..
And not because of its secrecy 
we were consenting adults that did nothing wrong
But don’t forget that we were actors 
in a passionate role play that played all night strong

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