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Thursday, June 18, 2009

3 a.m.


Awakend frm a vision that leaves me in a deep sweat,
my heart pounding from your essence wich was a faint silouette...
 from tossing, and turning i leave my whole bed wet...
 from the hiddn pleasures in my dreams, that i long to get...
 lips so soft, so tender with a tranquil feelng of my body sent thru..
 a manifestation of want generated by you..
 A normal man at 3 a.m. Should b asleep..
 Yet i sit on the edge of my bed body trembling, and weak.
 Your spirit dancd with me in my sleep,
 and held me oh so tight...
 damn u, u beautiful beast when will we spend tha night.
 I will represent the character of wesley in waiting 2 exhale,
 due 2 the level of respect that i will give 2 u wich in our encounter will entail..
 dont mean 2 awaken u, but these thoughts had 2 b told...
 I am at your mercy your higness when can u i hold?
 When can i feel the generation of ur body heat...
 and awaken u with a kiss and smthng to eat...? ;-)
 have you ever awakened at 3 a.m. with this feeling.....


Oh yes I've woken at 3 am with that exact feeling
 Restless and quest less looking up at the ceiling
 You’re awakened with the same vision that takes me to sleep
 A silhouette to you but an apparition to me
 Tranquil yet wild and passions unleashed
 Triggering off a night filled with tsunami waves of orgasms
 Crashing in a fire of passion that disperses me from the bed,
to the dresser to the wall
 To the floor falling dammit catch me as I snatch you
 My soul isn’t lost its entwined within yours

Igniting this fire the blaze is an inferno with you
 4 am 5 am 6 am it goes on and on
 Hours feel like seconds
 Our minutes are timeless
 Making love till we’re drained
 Dammn what time is it?
 3pm 4pm pm 5 pm passed it’s almost 6 and I'm famished but not yet for food
 My nourishment replaced and displaced and replenishes off of you
 Love you kiss you deeply touch you caress you ride you taste you
 On the floor holding on and still falling
 And my mouth moves with no words produced
 Your name a soundless whisper I'm struggling to call it
 The only thing holding you up is my thighs and your love
 And I'm grateful feel thankful

Breathless and perspiring feel so inspired…
 Get up get in the shower let me wash you in the right places
 Turn the lights on oh its on baby
 I want to watch you make faces….. ((Smile))

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